About Us

Hey Engineer Bhai logs! We are your quintessential example of modern-day Indian engineers. Proud to be a part of the crowd that terms itself ‘frustrated engineers’, our tribe has turned into a cult. As the case with every engineer, we can handle confusion and ambiguity with great ease – Thanks Engineering! Following the passion – the cool thing which we’re known for after getting kicked on the balls.

Vision – Do we even have it?

Yes! Trust us for that.

Enough memes of engineering frustration. Enough passion flings. Enough ‘give me some sunshine and rain.It is not easy to be an engineer. That too an Indian Engineer.

“A platform for all of the confused engineers out there. We banged engineering, and engineering banged us. It’s a never-ending vicious cycle. Let us end this frustration guys! We are Engineers. We are Bhais. We are the Engineer Bhais!”

Why Engineer Bhai, at all?

What is the need of EnginnerBhai?

Shout engineer in middle of the road. You’ll find more engineers than dogs on the road.

Well, that analogy is quite offensive for such ‘esteemed’ profession. Whoah! Did I say ‘esteemed’? Hahahahahaha! This website is not for those spectacled professors who say “There is a dearth of quality engineering students in India.” Well! Who is to blame? The system, parents, mentors, or students? We don’t know the answer. There are engineering colleges on a farming land in a remotest rural area with no basic facilities. No water to wipe the shit, let’s use assignment papers. Even better, that piece of graduation certificate. At least it can be put to some use.

So, we have started a campaign of all the engineers, to whom engineering was not their choice – but shoved down their throat when they were counting their maiden pubic hairs. Nonetheless, the train finally reached the destination by drag and push. What next? Expect it to run fast without engine?

All our engineer brothers, who are part of this tribe, we feel you. Have you realized that What are you doing in your life? Has your engineering helped you in any way, academically? Of course, the rigour and friendships have provided you strength to survive. But be true to yourself – is this what you wanted in life?

Just ask yourself, my dear brothers. We are united by the sentiment of engineering life and all it offers. So bhai, give us a hi-fivewe are with you!! 

You are one of us. We are one of you.

Give Hi-Five to EngineerBhai Team

If you can relate to this, you are the Engineer Bhai. Come on bhai log, this is your own website!