How To Pass Engineering Easily Like a Boss?

How to Pass your Engineering Degree easily like a Boss, In India?

Are you looking for a cut-paste formula with excellent tips to pass your engineering just by reading an article?

Trust us for this: Anybody who promises you a sure-fire formula to crack your engineering is a sham.

No matter how much people make memes around engineering, it is no denying that it still one of the prestigious degrees to have.

It is because of the quality of engineering that should be made fun of, rather than the term engineer itself.

Engineers are the “engines” that drive society forward.

Without us, there would be no technological advancement and we’d be still riding bullock carts, still using pigeons for communication, and literally living under a rock.

The communication age that we are in today is because of our tribe.

But before we go on singing songs for the importance of engineering in modern society, let us get a reality check. First, we need to learn engineering.

The greatest truth ever told: Engineering cannot be taught, it only has to be learned. 

engineering cannot be taught, it need to be learned.

So say no mugging to just get scores and grades, look at the larger picture. But along with that, it is extremely important to focus on the four-year period when you learn to engineer.

Stay Focus to Survive in four year Engineering

Engineering is more than just notes and assignments, it is about solving all those unstructured problems that come your way.

As it has been a recurring theme in all our blog posts, we believe an engineer is an engineer nonetheless from prestigious IITs or any next-rung colleges.

So the pressing question remains: how to pass engineering in India or around the world?

Well, there is nobody who can provide you a definite answer. Nobody.

But hey Engineer Bhailogs, we can provide you some tips and information that will definitely benefit you crack your engineering examinations.

1. Make notes when you attend lectures

Take notes while attending engineering classes

Well, we know our Engineer Bhais (EBs)!

We only attend the lectures for attendance sake, but the tutoring that happens inside the classroom will be helpful when you study for exams. You don’t need to run here and there if you make proper notes of whatever is being taught.

Generally, students keep just one book for all the subjects and that just for the show-off. However, if you write down when the lecture is being attended, you can reflect back on it.

“Let this semester pass, will study seriously from next semester” is the perennial slogan of all our EBs.

Let this semester pass, will study seriously from next semester, Promise

But guys, we know the truth.

You will complete the entire engineering, but the statement remains constant.

If you make notes perfectly from start to end, we bet that you’ll easily clear that subject. That is the power of writing notes. So just stop just attending lectures, start jotting down the notes. It helps you to clear your engineering.

2. Understand the concepts, rather than just mugging up

Stop Mugging and Start Learning

It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?

This has been said time and again until the engineering remains, this would be still told till eternity.

At least, for us EBs. We stress this fact often, but it is essential. It would not just help you in examinations but will give you real-life applications.

After you clear your engineering, you would get a paper degree (whose worth won’t be even the paper it is printed), but if you have strong concepts, you can be called the ‘asli engineer’.

Unfortunately, our evaluation systems reward the rote learners but trust us, in the long run, you won’t regret.

Stop cramming, start understanding.

Give your brain a shake and let your creative juices flow naturally.

3. Learn concepts in a fun way which suits you

After talking about concepts, engineering concepts can be really interesting.

Some of them are very beautiful that even a cringe-student would love it.

For me as an electronics engineer, capacitors and inductors were like flesh and blood for us.

Learn Electronics in fun way, where capacitors and inductors were like flesh and blood for us.

I always used to be confused between AC and DC currents, and which component passes what and blocks what?

I had developed a fun way of identifying it.

“Capacitor blocks DC and bypasses AC, while inductor blocks DC, while bypasses AC.” Yes, I still remember it because I learned it in a fun way.

If you are not an electronics student, don’t go deep into it. The answer lies in the way they are constructed, and a ‘jugaad’ was found to embed this in my memory.

Similarly, you can create your fun and novel ways to remember any concepts that suit you.

Some of my friends used Hindi songs as a reference to remember things and connected the academics brilliantly with movies that today, we not only remember it but have a good laugh on it. Oh! Those were the days! Reminiscence!

4. Keep distractions to Minimum

Keep distraction away, atleast for onr hour a day

Keep a goal to study at least one hour a day. What!! One hour? That too daily? Are you kidding me?

It seems pretty funny for day scholars to invest a full hour in studies while they can watch their collection of porn instead.

Bhai logs, Sunny Leone and Mia Khalifa can wait, but your precious years won’t. Everything that isn’t studying is a distraction. Be it whatever.

Have a goal in mind that you will open the book no matter what happens.

During that time, you won’t look at your mobile screens. No WhatsApp, no games, no chats, nothing.

One hour is strictly for studies.

It sounds too harsh, but this is building discipline.

You are doing this for yourself, and your parents. These distractions are alluring, and will always try to play with your minds, but you know how bad they are.

So if you keep a firm determination not to let the distractions come in your way, you will make it.

Come on guys, you are stronger than your distractions. You can do this. For yourself.

5. Keep your Romantic life on the Backseat

Want to Pass Engineering Easily? Regulate your love life.

Well, how can this point be ever ignored?

Your ‘jaanu’, ‘baby’, ‘shona’, ‘darling’ need to take a back seat. No over indulgence in romance.

Your girlfriend/boyfriend will turn your husband/wife “only if” you achieve something in life. Style can win for a while, but in the long run, it’s the substance that prevails.

Engineer Want a Good Wife, They Do Engineering

You don’t want to end up like the plethora of college lovebirds who break up after their course is over.

You know why? Because people don’t like failures. You have the entire life to cuddle with them in a blanket once you see this engineering phase.

Of course, we understand you are still young in college. Your hormones rage when you see an attractive opposite gender. Trust us, this is just an illusion.

Don’t lose your focus, my strong EBs.

6. Spend more time on the subjects you love

Spend lots f time on subjects you love, its helps to pass Engineering.

Bhais, there has to be at least one subject which you ought to love.

Don’t say there is nothing we like because everything is boring. Maybe because you haven’t opened any book.

There will be few subjects that you will find easy, and some tough.

Normally, we would say to spend more time on subjects that you find tough because it needs work. But we are speaking about the subjects that you love.

It is because you can score good marks in that subject.

And who knows? You become so interested in that subject that it can become your career path as well.

Apparently, looking for the long term because if you work hard, you will any which ways, pass your engineering.

7. Make good relations with the Professors

Build Good Relation with Your Professors

Why are we even saying this?

It is not about showing respect to the teachers, but sometimes we need to play to their whims and fancies.

Favoritism is everywhere, and you can’t beat it. But at least you can try to be a favorite of any one of the professors.

Chill guys, we are not telling you to be the ‘chaatu’ of them.

But find one professor that you have good relations with. And by good relations, we mean a genuine and honest student-teacher one.

So whenever you have bad terms with some other professors, this professor can save you.

Why not have good relations with all of them, it isn’t going to hurt either? Ultimately, you are going to leave the college in a couple of years and then it wouldn’t matter.

We have seen that students who have a better relationship with all professors have excellent chances of clearing engineering easily. So, even if you don’t like it, do it for yourself!

8. Level up your game during the Exam Time

This is a list of all the points mentioned.

Exam times should be considered sacred, rather than being scared.

Disperse everything else and just get immersed yourself in books and notes. It’s enjoyable to study like a fucking zombie, try it someday.

It will help you score great marks.

9. Be motivated by thinking why are you here

How bad do you want to Pass Engineering?

This is something that should come from within.

We used to guide each other by always reminding that why are we even doing this?

For a better future, to achieve something in life, to be something so that we can make ourselves and our parents proud.

Isn’t this a dream for every engineering aspirant to see their parents smiling on their convocation day?

They have really sacrificed a lot for you, now it’s your time to give them the happiness they deserve.

When they see you in graduation robes, it is a dream they have always cherished.

So if you can’t find any motivation to study, just remember the smile on faces of your parents the day you complete your engineering. This will motivate you to study.

If you are still reading this, it means you want to get that coveted degree.

Don’t worry, you are a good child. Have faith in yourself, and plunge into this. We know you can do this.

If the above tips have made you nervous and unsettled, Relax. As said in the beginning, nobody can give you any tips because nobody knows.

There is no solid way to clear engineering. It happens. How? Hard work, what else?

Work Harder to Pass Engineering like a Boss in India

All the best, folks!

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